Children’s Therapy

1570550326You hoped your child would grow out of it.

For as long as you can remember, your child has been an anxious kid.

Waiting for time to take care of the issue hasn’t worked. It only seems to get worse with each passing year.

Getting your child to school each day is a tear-filled struggle. They spend more time in the office asking to go home than they do in class.

Anxiousness can happen anywhere.

Your child started feeling anxious at the supermarket last month; now, they are afraid to set foot in the grocery.

Every anxious experience limits their world further. You try your best to accommodate their feelings, but you worry you’re making things worse. It’s getting to the point where all they seem comfortable doing is playing alone at home.

Something must change.

1687124800Therapy can teach skills to overcome fears.

In our work together, we’ll help your child learn to identify the fears and thinking patterns trapping them in place.

We’ll compassionately challenge their beliefs and help them develop coping mechanisms to face anxiety head-on.

Using the strengths-based technique of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we’ll give him a toolbox of new skills to navigate anxiety now and in the future.

Let’s get your child back to the kid they used to be.

Don’t let your child’s world shrink any smaller. Stop fear from controlling their choices.

Give your child the tools to handle unknowns and deal with stress as it arises.

You don’t have to struggle alone with this anymore. It’s time to get the support you, your child, and your family deserve.

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