Central Texas Anxiety Center helped my son tremendously get through a very tough year of severe anxiety. They used a variety of tools and exercises with him to work through the issues. I believe he can utilize these in the future, particularly when experiencing anxiety.
We are so grateful to have this wonderful resource!

– Mary M.

Central Texas Anxiety Center has worked with my child over the last year helping him through issues related to anxiety. Their approach has been extremely effective in helping my child understand his anxiety and overcome challenges that come with it. They have given him and our family strategies that have turned my child from a kid who was scared to even leave the house, to a kid who is excited to go to school, play sports, and has built a community of friends. We are forever grateful to her and highly recommend Central Texas Anxiety! 

– Stephanie H.

My 9th-grade daughter started having significant anxiety and panic attacks.  We talked to her pediatrician, who suggested cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and recommended Central Texas Anxiety Center.  We really didn’t know what to expect. Our therapist made the beginning “scary” part so easy and they were so kind!  She taught my daughter a variety of very tangible, useful tools she now uses to manage her anxiety.  It’s been years since she was in therapy now, and she reports that she still uses all the things she learned from her therapist.  She has also recently expressed significant gratitude to me for finding her support when she needed it.  She is in college now, and she said so many of her friends could really use the kind of help that Central Texas Anxiety Center and CBT offer to better manage their stress and anxiety.

– Amy F.

When my son was 8 years old, he suddenly started having very negative reactions to any music or even notes of music he would hear.  This came out of nowhere, and it became a real problem for our family as he was attempting to control our environment no matter where we were.  We sought the help of Central Texas Anxiety Center to figure out what was going on.  Our therapist was great with him and started him on a path of exposure therapy.  It wasn’t long before the problem was completely solved.  He is now 11 and imagine this… he just chose band as his elective for middle school!  The exposure therapy was so effective it seems like his issue with music was almost a bad dream for our family that just sort of evaporated.  We are so so grateful to Central Texas Anxiety Center for their expertise and support!

– Amy F.

I never thought that my daughter could be so stuck with anxiety and OCD that even simple tasks could take hours. 
With the tools she learned from Central Texas Anxiety Center, she is now thriving!

– Rebecca W.

We couldn’t be happier with Central Texas Anxiety. They offer practical, step-by-step, goal directed therapy
that will help you and your child conquer anxiety and OCD.

– Katherine W.

We are just so pleased that Central Texas Anxiety Center was able to help us and our daughter through a really rough time
with anxiety and OCD.  There is hope!

– Rebecca N.

Central Texas Anxiety Center provided a safe and encouraging space for my son to understand and work through his nighttime anxiety. The therapist helped him build a toolkit of tactics for dealing with worry and fear that he’s now able to tap into whenever he needs. Not only did they help my son, but she also provided the support and guidance I need as a parent to help my child in the moments when his anxiety takes hold.

– SW

Central Texas Anxiety Center did an amazing job treating my 8-year-old son’s OCD. He is in much better shape now. They changed our family’s life!

– LF

We are so grateful that our daughter has had the chance to work with Central Texas Anxiety Center. The therapist helped her – and us – work through anxiety that became increasingly problematic at the end of elementary school. And, our therapist has stuck with us since then, making time when we need a “booster” and being available for parent questions that come up.  Our therapist checked in as needed during the pandemic, especially given the anxiety that came with returning to the orthodontist and then getting back into the school building for year-end testing. This year our therapist even supported us in getting a 504 at school to address test anxiety. It has been a gift to have the Central Texas Anxiety Center walking alongside us for almost five years now, leaning in when we need them to ensure that our daughter has the support she needs to be at her best.

– Natalie G

I have a son with Tourette syndrome. After trying medication with no success, we found Central Texas Anxiety Center specialized in a fairly new treatment called CBIT therapy.  The results were amazing!  Most people were shocked to learn that he has Tourette’s
after working with Central Texas Anxiety Center.

– Amy S.

Central Texas Anxiety Center helped my son tremendously. Before my son started counseling for his anxiety, his fears were really limiting his daily activities.  After seeing our therapist, he was able to work with his fears/anxiety, and it has made a huge difference for my son, and for our entire family.  It makes me so happy to see him do things he couldn’t do a year ago.  
I can’t thank Central Texas Anxiety Center  enough- she has made a huge difference in my son’s life.

– Stephanie H-F

I have five children and three have now been taught how to cope with anxiety by Central Texas Anxiety Center.  I am highly considering taking the other two to learn these skills from them before anxiety affects their lives.  I wouldn’t call it therapy, because therapy means to me that you go talk through an issue time and time again and are never ok without a therapist. My kids are stronger mentally
and have the skills they need to keep moving forward with peace in their hearts.

– Lisa M.

When another of my sons started experiencing anxiety attacks in the months following a shooting near our home, I quickly called Central Texas Anxiety Center.  Because he was only nine years old, our therapist taught me the coping mechanisms that she taught him as well. 
Within three visits, he was completely back to his hilarious, fun-loving nine-year-old self! 

– Amy S.