Teen Therapy

1833171139Parenting a teen is hard.

As a parent, you naturally want to solve your teen’s problems and make their pain disappear. However, mental health issues like anxiety and OCD often require professional treatment and self-work from the individual, making it hard for you to change the situation directly. You feel helpless.

Parents might sometimes wonder if they did something wrong in their parenting to contribute to their child’s struggles. This guilt can be overwhelming, even though anxiety and OCD are complex conditions influenced by many factors beyond parental control.

Concern for your child’s future and well-being can create constant worry. You might worry about how their anxiety or OCD will affect their life, relationships, and opportunities. This fear can be exhausting and all-consuming.

Dealing with the unpredictable nature of anxiety and OCD is a frustrating situation. You might not always understand why certain things trigger your child or why they can’t simply ‘stop worrying’ or ‘stop performing compulsions.’

Watching your child suffer can be heart-wrenching.

You might feel deep empathy for their struggles and sadness that they must endure such a challenging experience.

Many parents are also determined to support their teens through their struggles. This support can include educating themselves about anxiety and OCD, seeking professional help, and being a source of emotional support.

Managing your child’s needs while balancing other responsibilities can lead to stress and burnout. Parents also need to take care of their mental health and seek support when needed.

This journey can also be a learning experience for parents. It can deepen understanding, empathy, and patience and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

2175388363Being a teen is hard.

School, coaches, peer pressures, and expectations make your teen’s life even more difficult.

Your child wants to get their work done, but they feel paralyzed by the amount and thoughts of failing – making it hard to get started.

They isolate themselves in their rooms and scroll on social media to distract themselves. But the anxiety continues to grow, and they get deeper and deeper into a hole.

We have tools to make your teen’s life easier.

We can help your child identify where they are getting stuck and learn new ways of challenging their thoughts to feel and act less anxious. Using a skills-based approach, they will feel empowered to practice their skills independently in the real world when they become anxious.

Your child will begin to develop an I-can-handle-it muscle. They will understand their anxiety does not have to control them. They can learn to control their response, ride through the discomfort, and manage their fears – facing them instead of distracting themselves or avoiding them altogether.

They will gain confidence and pride in facing their fears, no matter how their anxiety appears – making them realize how strong they are.

Your child will be impressed with their resilience and realize that although their anxiety will never go away completely, they can handle it with the tools they have gained throughout their therapeutic experience.

Working with us will help give back your child’s life as they find their center, where their inner strength resides.

763464100Now is the time – don’t wait!

Waiting, even for a day, will only make it worse. Your teen has learned to avoid and distract themselves in many ways. The family has had to accommodate their fears, change routines, avoid situations that will trigger another episode, and leave when their teen falls apart in front of family, friends, or coworkers. It’s instantiable. Your frustration builds.

You fear the judgment of others and wonder, “Why don’t I just make them do it?” But you have tried and have seen your teen experience their debilitating anxiety, watching them suffer, panic, and withdraw. It’s unbearable.

Stop running away, hiding, and making excuses. We will help your child face their fears and show them what anxiety and OCD are – a brain that is off-center and in survival mode. We will not sugarcoat what they are experiencing and how they must fight it.

We will teach your child how to fight back and recognize the signs their anxiety gives them before it gets to the point of no return. Your teen will learn strategies to calm this physiological response, engage their thinking brain, and regain control of themselves and their anxious mind. They will learn to center themselves and push back against the desire to run away and hide.

Teach your teen to stand up to their anxiety and fight.

We know how anxiety works and can help your teen use that knowledge to win the war waged in their brain. As a result, your teen will win the battle.

Call today and let us help give your child and your family their lives back. You can book your initial appointment online or by calling (512) 957-0177 with any questions.

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