Individual Therapy for Adults

556808413Life seems out of control and overwhelming.

You cannot remember the last time you felt truly at peace, centered in yourself and your life, and confident that you can handle life’s challenges. Lately, you feel stuck in a loop – constantly in a state of worry and fear.

Worrying makes you feel restless, have trouble concentrating, and experience physical symptoms like a racing heart, sweating, or trembling. It’s not about feeling nervous; the intensity and persistence of these feelings can make everyday tasks and decisions seem impossible. You feel stuck in a sense of impending doom or a constant fear of the worst happening.

There are times when you have uncontrollable, recurring thoughts and behaviors that you keep repeating over and over. These obsessions and compulsions can consume hours of your day, interfering with daily life. You know these obsessions are irrational, but the rituals and patterns feel like a way to control or reduce your anxiety, and it works for a minute – until it doesn’t, and the anxiety comes back even stronger.

The combination of these conditions can be particularly challenging. The constant stress and anxiety can lead to physical symptoms like headaches or stomach issues, and the compulsive behaviors of OCD can become even more pronounced during periods of high anxiety – creating a vicious cycle where the symptoms of one disorder exacerbate the symptoms of the other.

It sucks feeling pulled into your anxiety.

You’re constantly in a loop of anxious thoughts that seem to have no end. Avoiding the things and places that make you anxious only makes things worse. Your world is getting smaller and smaller. It sucks to feel so stuck – like you’re not in control of yourself and will never find your peace, your center.

Hiding how you feel is exhausting. Friends and family tell you that you need to get over it, get out there, and get on with your life, but you don’t feel like you can. Living a life focused on the worst thing that could happen is not living; it is surviving.

Being in constant fight, flight, or freeze is debilitating. You don’t have the energy to fight back, so you keep hiding, avoiding, and controlling what you feel you can handle. But you know you cannot keep this up much longer.

Life for you is isolating, and the ones you love suffer most. You feel so much guilt, so you isolate yourself even more while realizing that something has to change.

Individual Therapy Img 2Avoiding your anxiety grows it.

With our help, we can work together to find your inner strength buried deep in your core, your center. We can help you grow that instead of your anxiety. We can help you fight against these worst-case scenarios inside your head.

With our help, you can break free of these thought patterns that keep you in survival mode and move into thrive mode – rather than simply surviving. Individual therapy can help you get back to you – the one who has big dreams, always wakes up energized, and looks for the positive rather than fearing the negative.

Through therapy, you can find a way back to your center rather than allowing your brain to keep you in survival mode. Finally, you can live life from the inside out with your true intentions leading the way and not be driven by all your fears of what might happen.

Dare we say it – you can live a fearless life directed by you and with a future designed by you, not your anxiety.

Individual Therapy Img 3Skills-based treatment can help you overcome anxiety.

In our work together, we’ll help you learn to identify your fears and the thinking patterns trapping you in a vicious cycle. We’ll compassionately challenge your beliefs and help you develop coping mechanisms to face your anxiety head-on.

Using the strengths-based technique of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), you will receive skills to navigate your anxiety now and in the future.

At Central Texas Anxiety and OCD Center, we will work with you to develop strategies to push back on the thought patterns plagued with doubt and fear that have made your world smaller. The goal is to create an individually designed plan of attack to give you the courage and strength you will need to change how you think, feel, and approach life.

We will help you rediscover who you are and what you are capable of because you are much more than your anxious thoughts and exaggerated fears.

Exposure and Response Prevention therapy will help you directly experience what your brain has trained you to avoid or distract yourself from. Avoidance and distraction only reinforce the anxiety link in your brain. Not only does this avoidance and distraction grow your fears, but it often scans for perceived threats or creates new ones. If we rewire our brains to look for the good, opportunities, and rewards, we will find them, too.

Stop fear from controlling your life.

Individual therapy can help stop inaccurate cycles that keep you from living the life you want. We can help you take back your life and see the good in yourself and your world, allowing you to feel more centered. Then, you can handle whatever life throws at you. So, bring it because you are ready!

Don’t let your world shrink any smaller. Your life is too precious to lose any more time. Put yourself back in the center of your world and not your fear.

We can help you learn the tools to handle unknowns and deal with stress as it arises. You don’t have to struggle alone with this anymore. It’s time to get the support you deserve.

Book your initial appointment online or call us at (512) 957-0177 with any questions, and let’s get started today!