EMDR for Trauma and Phobias/Fears

1419724301Fears and past traumas make life miserable.

Paralyzed is the best way to describe how your past traumas, phobias, or fears affect your life.

Dealing with trauma keeps you in the past, waiting for the next event to occur. Sometimes, an event triggers a reminder of that trauma, making you relive that event. The emotional reaction to your trauma is too intense, and you feel it in your whole body, causing you to avoid triggers at all costs. Waiting for something terrible to happen again has gotten to the point where you have trouble sleeping, feel anxious, and find it challenging to have a meaningful life.

Social situations make you anxious, primarily because you fear people will judge you. Being in tight places puts you on edge. You might have a fear of specific animals or objects. These feelings represent phobias, resulting in a preoccupation with situations that impact you emotionally and physically.

Past trauma and phobias are difficult to overcome without professional help.

EMDR can help you process the fear you feel.

Although initially used to treat military personnel dealing with PTSD, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has proven effective at helping individuals heal from emotional stress resulting from either trauma, anxiety, or phobias.

EMDR helps you focus on the event, emotions, or thoughts and then reprocess them in a way that helps reduce the negative emotional response and replace it with positive thoughts.

That processing involves stimulating both sides of our brain, helping eliminate the brain’s negative response.

2312398565Let us help you overcome past trauma and phobias.

We can help you stop your world from becoming smaller and start living again! We help individuals grappling with the effects of traumatic experiences, PTSD, and phobias experiencing symptoms of anxiety.

Using EMDR, we help these clients discover and target their specific fears and traumas and dive deeper into them so they can stop avoiding life and start facing it head-on.

Through our work together, you can look back on your past and not have the emotional charge or reaction to that memory or fear, no longer avoid things that previously made you anxious, and feel empowered to go after the life you want.

Schedule an initial consultation today if you’re ready to dig deeper and face your fears.